December 1, 2023
If Rain (Go Ahead OST) By Sagel/SAJI萨吉

If Rain (Go Ahead OST) By Sagel/SAJI萨吉

Pinyin Lyrics, English Lyrics (Translation), Info/About, Background Story, Covers & Versions, Chords, Video, and Download/mp3 of If Rain (Go Ahead OST) By Sagel/SAJI萨吉

Info/About “If Rain”

Song NameIf Rain
Artist Sagel/SAJI萨吉
ComposerSun Qiu; Jin Dongying
Released 2020
Genre Pop; Soundtrack

Background Story of “If Rain”

This song was an interlude of the TV Series “Go Ahead以家人之名“, and it was released in 2020.

Lyrics in Pinyin/Mandarin/English of “If Rain”

Soulful dreams fade to gold

No telling where they go

While you slumber

Slowly flow

I still care

It’s not fair

We ain’t never

Come back in time

Wish days would never hide

Raindrops down on my face

Old alleyways

Just fade away like in visionless haze

One day


We will be brave

I know

We will

If rain start to fall down

So wear it and carry on

Those days with love and bound

Turn to be my sun

Ready to be strong

If rain feel to stay on

Maybe, it just got lost

There’ll be sunbow somehow

When you look up high

It will shine sometime

You’re always there walking me long

Whenever something let me down

You make me feel where I belong

Face myself

If rain start to pour down

You’ve teached me to fly on

There is sunbow somehow

When I wear your love

I see wings grown out

Covers & Versions of “If Rain”

1 hour loop version

Piano Tutorial version

INDO Sub version

Kalimba Cover

Vietsub version

Korean sub version

Thaisub version

Chords of “If Rain”

Download/MP3 of “If Rain”

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